Sumifs? (2023)

Why is Sumifs not picking up all values?

Writing the correct formula while updating the sheet, the SUMIF function will not return the updated value. Possibly, you can set formula calculation to manual and press the F9 key to recalculate the sheet. The format of the values used in the calculation must be checked.

What are the limitations of Sumifs?

While SUMIFS is a versatile and powerful function, it does have some limitations to keep in mind. One of the main limitations is that it can only handle up to 127 criteria ranges and criteria in a single formula.

Why is Sumifs returning wrong value?

SUMIFS situation with #VALUE errors

This is due to the Sum range and the Criteria range not matching i.e. the sum range is C24 to D48 (2 columns and 24 rows) but the criteria range is B24 to B48 (1 column and 24 rows). With a SUMIFS this results in a #VALUE!

Why is my Sumifs formula spilling?

The SPILL error can occur with the SUMIF function if you don't write the argument properly. This problem is a common mistake between SUMIF and SUMIFS. SUMIFS (range to add;search range1;criterion1;search range2; ...)

Is there a better formula than Sumifs?


With just a single array to process, the SUMPRODUCT function returns the sum of the array, 12,7250. See this example for a more complete explanation. In spirit, the SUMPRODUCT option is closest to the SUMIFS formula since we are summing values based on multiple criteria.

Why is Sumifs better than Sumif?

Both are logical SUM functions that find the SUM of a given range based on specified conditions. The only difference between Excel SUMIFS & SUMIF functions is that SUMIFs can check for multiple criteria at once, while SUMIF can check for one criterion at a time.

Does Sumifs only work with numbers?

The range of cells that you want evaluated by criteria. Cells in each range must be numbers or names, arrays, or references that contain numbers. Blank and text values are ignored. The selected range may contain dates in standard Excel format (examples below).

Do Sumifs formulas slow down Excel?

SUMIFS does tend to be slow. You can typically use a Dictionary with a composite key (made from the key columns in your IFS) and get better performance.

Are Sumifs efficient?

As described above SUMIFS calculates significantly faster, however it also has greater functionality than SUMPRODUCT in being able to efficiently handle entire row or column references.

How to use SUMIFS for a greater than and less than condition?

To sum numbers greater than or less than a particular value, configure the SUMIF criteria with one of the following logical operators: Greater than (>) Greater than or equal to (>=) Less than (<)

What does Sumif return if it doesn't find a match?

SUMIFS in excel returns 0 when it does not find the value.

Why am I getting a 0 for Sumifs in Excel?

SUMIFS returns the sum of cells that meet the given criteria. If no cells meet the criteria then the sum will be zero. Since SUMIFS returns a sum (number), it cannot return "" because that is a text value.


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