¿Cuáles son los cenotes más bonitos de la Riviera Maya? (2023)

What was the meaning of the cenotes for the Mayans?

The word cenotes or Xenotes comes from the Mayan word Dzonot, which means natural well. For the Mayans, these bodies of water were sacred as they were the only source of fresh water in the middle of the jungle and considered the natural passage to the underworld that the Mayans called Xibalba.

What is the most famous cenote in Mexico?

Cenote Angelita is one of the most popular cenotes in Mexico. It is located just a short drive from Tulum. The main feature of Cenote Angelita is the famous cloud of hydrogen sulfate that hangs over the water.

How many cenotes are in Riviera Maya?

Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula is home to more than 6,000 cenotes—subterranean limestone pools full of crisp groundwater, stalagmites, stalactites, and endemic wildlife (think: bats by the colony and fish by the school).

Can you swim in a cenote?

Are the Cenotes in Tulum Safe for Swimming? Unlike the ocean where there can be big waves or a strong undertow, cenotes are closed off – within caves – that protect the calm, azure waters from the elements. This typically makes them an ideal spot for a restful swimming experience.

Do cenotes have fish?

Some species are commonly found across all cenotes and others less. However these two fish, the catfish and bind brotula are the only ones known to migrate between cenotes. Pale catfish are commonly seen in all cenotes and have a distinctly “catfish-like” body with 3 pairs of barbels.

Are there alligators in cenotes?

If you've visited Tulum, Playa del Carmen or one of the surrounding areas, you've probably visited a cenote. But, have you ever wondered if there were any crocodiles in the cenotes? Well, the answer is: yep, crocodiles can be found in some of the cenotes.

Can you drink water from a cenote?

Because there are no above-ground rivers in the Yucatan, the cenotes have served as crucial sources of drinking water.

How much does it cost to enter cenote?

As of 2022, the entrance fee for Gran Cenote is 500 MXN (25 USD) per person. Is Gran Cenote worth visiting? Yes! Gran Cenote is a great place to snorkel with turtles, explore the underwater caves, and also visit with children since there are shallow areas to swim in.

Can a shark live in a cenote?

Sharks only live in salt water, so you never have to worry about sharks while swimming in a cenote.

Are there snakes in cenotes Cancun?

You may also see other jungle creatures near the cenotes, including iguanas, snakes, and birds.

Is the water in a cenote cold?

The water temperature is stable 25 to 27 degrees (75 – 80 Fahrenheit). Perfect for exploring since there is also not much flow. Although the weather doesn't affect the cenotes as they do elsewhere, below you'll find all details to plan your trip to all your preferences.

Can you visit cenotes without tour?

If you like independent travel and are keen to save money, you can visit a cenote independently. However, there are some important things to consider: You will need to rent a car as the best cenotes are off-the-beaten-path in scenic but remote areas.

Do you have to pay for cenotes?

Most cenotes have a charge of 80 to 150 pesos to enter and offer lockers, restrooms, and snack bars. Just take a towel, taxi money, and snorkel-mask (optional), and you'll have an amazing time at any of these cenotes. Getting to cenotes by bike is easy from Tulum.

Are cenotes worth it?

Even if you just plan to visit the open-air cenotes for the day, the site is very much worth your time, offering incredible snorkeling opportunities (crystal clear water and colorful fish), refreshing swimming, lifeguards, restrooms and lockers, and even an onsite restaurant.

Do I need water shoes for cenotes?

Running or casual tennis shoes are ideal for this kind of tour. Water shoes are also welcome. Sandals/flip-flops: Wearing sandals is recommended after a refreshing swim and maintain your tennis shoes dry. They are easy to carry and keep your feet comfortable.

Do you have to wear a life jacket in a cenote?

What is this? Most Cenotes charge for an entrance fee, although some of them are free of charge and since the water found in them is freshwater without any traces of salt, floating is impossible unless you're wearing a life vest.

Can you wear sunscreen in a cenote?

As sunscreens are some of the biggest causes of damage to the marine environment, you may not wear sunscreen of any kind in the Mexico cenotes, and the Xel-Ha and Xcaret parks have restrictions.

Is cenote water fresh or salt?

Cenotes are filled with both fresh and salt water, because when the limestone collapses and sinks, it creates a massive reservoir where the newly exposed fresh groundwater meets the salt water that's seeping in from the ocean via an underground channel.

How deep is the water in cenote?

How Deep Are Cenotes? One average cenotes are pretty deep – about 8-15 meters (49ft). Cenote the Pit is the deepest in Quintana Roo with its spectacular 119 m / 391 ft of depth. Cenotes dives are reserved for skilled divers only and the depth they can reach should be not more than 40 m (131 ft ).

Are there bodies in cenotes?

The ancient Maya seem to have kept their distance too. A recent underwater survey in the cavern, or cenote, located in Mexico's Yucatán, has found a likely reason for its fearsome reputation—the floors of its two chambers are littered with human bones.

How many bodies are in cenotes?

To this day, over 200 bodies, jewels, ceramics and gold pieces have been found as part of the archaeological findings in the cenote. The Sacred Cenote is one of the cenotes that has held the most tributes and sacrifices.

What island is infested with alligators?

Ramree Island (Burmese: ရမ်းဗြဲကျွန်း; also spelled Yanbye Island) is an island off the coast of Rakhine State, Myanmar (Burma).

Can you brush your teeth with tap water in Mexico?

Residents in Mexico may brush their teeth with tap water, but they'll rinse and spit, careful not to swallow. As a tourist, you may be better off taking the precaution of using bottled water to brush your teeth, and do try to remember to keep your mouth shut when you shower.

What should I bring to a cenote?

To fully appreciate and experience the cenotes, you will need a bathing suit, snorkel gear, a towel, and snacks. It is not unusual to pack a lunch and spend the entire day exploring the jungle and the water.

Are cenotes cold or warm?

Therefore, when swimming in a cenote you feel the cold water, the average temperature of its waters is a maximum of 23 ° C. There are more than 7000 of these in the Yucatan Peninsula. They are really fascinating scenarios.


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